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Modern Architecture

Nolden Enterprise Realty 

Serving You Excellence in All Things Real Estate

Our passion to Educate and Empower our clients in all things Real Estate. Whether it is Renting, Buying or Selling we are here to serve you! 

Modern Architecture

My Story

After renting for 2 1/2 years I was faced with an eviction that landed me and my family to live in a hotel for 3 months it was a very devasting time in our lives. After being so successful as an Insurance Agent and making six figures I was faced with the unimaginable.

But God worked a Miracle and I became a homeowner in 3 months and the rest was history.

I lived the reality I hope to see all my clients embrace as they too become homeowners renters or sellers.

Whatever journey they are on I would love to serve them transparently in excellence.

Modern Architecture


Tuesday Nolden


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