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Chandler & Owner 

Our Story 

Tuesday Nolden the Chandler & Owner of Keep It Lit Candles. A wife, mother, grandmother & daughter etc. In 2007 I was diagnosed and treated for anxiety, depression and later other types of Mental Illness. My personal story intensely provokes me to raise awareness in the lives of others like me and the people they love. Our country, states and cities are all suffering lost of innocent lives. By individuals who may have been struggling with A Mental Illness that either went undetected, un-diagnosed or un-treated. Due to the stigma around the diagnosis. I have been convicted personally and morally to take a stand!  No more normalizing what is just not normal. Removing the stigma around Mental Illness is our mission by sparking conversations about Mental Illness and keeping them lit around the world starting in your home. We will seek to provide awareness, through education and resources to treatment. To empower others to live a more functional and full life beyond the diagnosis. Lets talk about it on purpose for a greater purpose!

Keep It Lit Candles was established in 2018 to stop the stigma of Mental Illness. After battling with anxiety and depression for years. I was finally diagnosed in 2007 then treated in 2015. I must say as a victim of domestic violence I felt I never had a voice! As a “survivor” I feel I must use my voice not just for myself but others! My personal conviction took over and I decided to take a stand! I decided to start A Candle business to provide light to everyone while lighting conversations around the topic of Mental Illness and keep them lit. I learned in my treatment that getting people to talk about Mental Illness brings awareness & education in hope they will seek treatment. If we can encourage others to talk about Mental Illness it will help remove the stigma! Please join me today, take a stand & “Keep It Lit”. Let’s talk about it! Ask questions? Have deep conversations with those we know and love! You will be surprised the impact you can make in someone’s life! 

Our products provide us the opportunity to spark a conversation about Mental Illness.

To remove the stigma!

 Let's keep talking!  

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